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Unlock the Secrets of Navigating the Canadian Healthcare System

Discover the Proven Strategies that Have Empowered Digital Health Entrepreneurs when entering the Canadian Market!

Are you facing the daunting challenge of entering the digital health market and unsure of where to start? Secure Your Spot in the Digital Health Navigation Course Now and Gain the Clarity You Need to Navigate this Complex Industry with Confidence!

"Wow, this course is an absolute gem for anyone looking to conquer the Canadian Healthtech market. It's like having a seasoned mentor by your side, guiding you through the complex and critical steps. It's a true game-changer that's saved me countless hours of confusion and missteps. Thanks for providing such an invaluable resource! I now feel equipped and confident to tackle the Canadian market head-on."

Samantha, Product Manager

"The course strikes a perfect balance between depth and simplicity, making it an indispensable resource for my team. It's already spared us endless hours of uncertainty and empowered us to make strategic decisions with confidence. If you're committed to achieving success in the Canadian market, don't embark on your journey without this course!"

Michael, Digital Health CEO

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of the digital health market, investing valuable time and effort into your venture, but not seeing the results you desire?

Are you struggling to navigate the Canadian Healthtech landscape and find the optimal strategies to establish a successful presence in this dynamic industry?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then we have some exciting news for you! Your journey of uncertainty and frustration is about to transform.

Introducing the "Digital Health Navigation" course - your definitive guide to conquering the Canadian Healthtech market and leveraging cutting-edge strategies to transform your passion for digital health into a thriving, sustainable venture!

Content that Cannot be Found Anywhere Else 

Join our immersive 3-module course designed to equip you with the essential skills and strategies needed to thrive in Canada's healthcare landscape. Here's your roadmap:

Module 1:
Navigating the Canadian Healthcare Landscape

  • Decipher Canada's Health Care System
  • ​Identify key players and their roles
  • ​Uncover Healthtech Priorities and Opportunities
  • ​Understand common barriers to entry and mitigation strategies

Module 2:
Crafting Winning Strategies for the Canadian Market

  • Understand how to tailor your product/service for a Canadian Audience
  • Forge strategies to align with key partners
  • Explore effective sales and marketing strategies
  • ​Understand pricing, reimbursement, and funding

Module 3:
Implementation and Growth in the Canadian Market

  • Explore strategies to navigate procurement processes
  • ​Understand patient engagement and adoption strategies
  • ​Discuss methods to establish a local presence in Canada
  • ​Dissect and learn from real-world case studies

Each module is approximately 1 hour of delivery and 1-2 hours of prep and follow-up.
Total course delivery time is approximately 3.5 - 4 hours.

Avoid Hours and Hours of Trial & Error... Enroll Today

The next course is set to run the following dates/times:

  • Module 1: November 20 @ 4:00 EST
  • ​Module 2: November 22 @ 4:00 EST
  • Module 3: November 24 @ 4:00 EST

All modules will be delivered live and videos provided upon completion.

"It Takes Years of Experience to Successfully Navigate the Canadian Market Place: Save Hours of Research and Testing by Learning From the Best in the Industry"

"Why keep struggling with uncertainty on where to strat in the Canadian Healthtech market, limited growth, and uncertain returns when there's a tried-and-true roadmap that has empowered countless Healthtech entrepreneurs just like you to achieve remarkable success?

What if you could access industry insights that will elevate your digital health venture into this new and exciting market?"

Meet The Instructors

Chris Carvalho, PMP

Chris is an experienced entrepreneur and senior leader that combines strategic thinking with an action-oriented approach to drive large change, transformation and innovation initiatives. He is an active entrepreneur with a B.Sc in Health Information Science and a certified project manager with a proven track record of successfully delivering projects on time and on budget. He has managed 50+ IT system implementations and worked with healthcare clients internationally. Chris has worked as a mentor, advisor, and investor within many start-up, scale-up and established businesses and is known as a community builder dedicated to advancing the innovation ecosystem through commercialization efforts.

Chris Carlson

For 25 years, Chris has been immersed in information technology, dedicating 13 of those years to Canadian digital health innovation. This experience has helped him acquire deep insights into Canada’s complex healthcare and regulatory landscape. From roles as Chief Information Officer to Product and Operations Management in agile organizations, Chris actively employed top-tier data governance standards like ISO and NIST to transform regulatory guidelines into strong competitive advantages for digital health products and their market strategies. Throughout his career, Chris has built robust relationships with a wide spectrum of Canada's digital health community, from health authorities to premier pharmaceutical manufacturers and innovative startups.

"I'm ready to start my journey to navigate this market!"

It's jam-packed with actionable tips, strategies, and insider secrets that will empower you to start your entry into the Canadian market on the right path.

Through this course you'll discover how to:

  • Navigate the Canadian Healthtech Landscape: Gain a deep understanding of the Canadian healthcare system, key stakeholders, and the public vs. private healthcare structure.
  • Spot Market Opportunities: Identify growth opportunities, target segments, and market trends within the Canadian Healthtech industry.
  • Master Regulatory Compliance: Understand Health Canada regulations, licensing processes, and data protection laws to ensure compliance for Healthtech products.
  • Craft Winning Strategies: Develop effective strategies for tailoring your Healthtech solutions to the Canadian market, forming strategic partnerships, and creating value propositions.
  • Drive Sales and Marketing: Learn how to create compelling marketing strategies, establish distribution networks, and navigate pricing, reimbursement, and funding procedures.
  • ​Succeed in Implementation: Master government procurement processes, patient engagement and adoption strategies, and the process of establishing a local presence in Canada.

Here's your opportunity to learn the proven strategies that have have resulted in Canadian digital health success stories. Don't wait any longer. Register now and start building your dream venture today!

Click the button below and say YES to a brighter future in the Healthtech industry!"

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Is this course suitable for beginners in the Healthtech industry?

Absolutely! Whether you're new to the Healthtech field or looking to expand into the Canadian market, this course is designed to provide valuable insights and strategies suitable for all experience levels.

#2: How long is the course and when does it start?

The course is currently scheduled to be presented live in November and each module is ~1 hours. All videos and materials will be made available after each session, so don't worry if you can't watch it live.  

#3: Can I access the course material after the sessions are complete?

Yes, participants will have ongoing access to course materials, allowing you to revisit the content and resources whenever you need them to support your ongoing success in the Canadian Healthtech market.

Please note that individual results may vary, and making a full-time income from your blog is not guaranteed. The success stories and testimonials shared in this sales letter are real and from actual participants, but they should not be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this sales letter depends on the time you devote to the strategies shared in the course, your existing knowledge of the healthcare system, your commitment to implementing the techniques, and various other factors.

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